Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday 7 December - Luxembourg.

We woke up this morning to a clear blue sky. The first we have seen for a week or so. We took a quick look at the station which is a pleasant building recently restored.  
Main concourse of Luxembourg station
A CF de Luxembourg locomotive on home turf.  Push pull passenger train.
 The main objective today was to walk along the valley that separates the Gare area from the Haute Ville. The whole valley is a nature area with pleasant paths. It was well frequented by runners. Unfortunately the blue skies and warm sun caused mist to form in the valley which took a little while to burn off.
Curved road bridge with two differrnt sizes of arches.
A disused chapel carved into the stone
Set up to allow people to practice rock climbing
We climbed out of the valley under the western road bridge which is being rebuilt under an enormous scaffolding. There is a second series of well kept parks which go around part of the Haute Ville. There is a good children's adventure playground with an old boat and a series of walks and ladders leading up to a long circuitous pipe slide. The kids were having a great time.
This was quite an adventure circuit
In the city centre we found many of the restaurants were busy and several we tried were full.  We eventually went to restaurant Français which served local food.  The French onion soup and lobster bisque were very good as were the shrimp and pork second course. My pork shoulder came with broad beans (fèves de marais - swamp beans) cooked in a thick sauce with bacon bits. The local Luxembourg reisling was a good accompaniment.
More walking around this afternoon until the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped several degrees.
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