Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday 8 December - Return to Paris

We were up early so that we could take breakfast at the hotel. The railway station is only some 5 or 6 minutes away and we were there before the train was posted on the Departure board. We went to the platform when the train was posted but there were traffic control problems and it took the controllers a long time to clear an empty train from our platform then thread our TGV out of the sidings. As it was, we left at 0814 some 3 minutes late. We stopped at Thionville where there were some functioning steelworks - there was a long, heavy train of steel billets ready to go. There was also a large park which had several large roller coasters.  At Metz we coupled on to a second TGV and good station work ensured an on time departure. We used a flyover to go from right hand running to left hand and ran left hand for some way on the regular tracks before entering the Meuse High Speed Line. Then it was 300 km/hr all the way to Paris. The weather was mild with sunny periods but we were running through thick fog at times - no problem here as the cab signaling takes care of things. The only item of note was a field of ostriches. We arrived at 1017, three minutes early and were through the Metro and in the apartment before 1100. Smooth, comfortable, effortless traveling.
It was an interesting visit. We found the locals far less friendly than Parisiens and they avoid making eye contact or smiling.  They are quick to use elbows and will barge you off the sidewalk.  It was very annoying to discover that restaurants refuse to serve tap water but insist you buy bottled water or none at all. Cheap buggers.
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Back in Paris we had lunch at Le P'tit Canon where the server, whom we have known for several years, mentioned that she had a baby, Lilla, in the summer and was just working the day period to have more time to look after the baby girl

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