Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday 6 December - Luxembourg

We spent the entire day looking around the city starting in Place Guillaume II.  The  Christmas market here was supplemented by the Sarurday produce market. Several producers had decorative plants in pots or flats set out on the floor. A lady walked past with a dog which cocked its leg on a nice pot of heather. They will not smell too good. 
These are very pretty but they really should be off the ground - or at least away from dogs
This is the first weekend in December and the skating rink was formally opened by the Luxembourg bus company band. There was a tasteful display of ice dancing which was kept in sync by the big drum. The drum was the dominant instrument in the band and one wonders if this says anything for the bus company. We had some hot red wine and candied almonds.
We looked at the items of interest in this part of town then moved through the cathedral to look at views over the lower town or Grund. The cathedral was large, dark and cheerless. Many of the old fortifications have been taken down.
Lunch was at a restaurant in the Cercle. It was quite small but the staff made us very welcome.  The Maitre'd knew many of his customers and made a point of speaking to everybody. A lady, possibly his wife, came in later to look things over and again, made a point of talking to many of the regulars. Mary had petoncles while I had rognons. Both were very good as was the local reisling. 
There is an elevator which took us down to the river running through the Grund. The walks along the river were very pleasant and the views intriguing with the reflections in the calm water.
The Grund
The Grund.  Beautiful reflections and plenty of ivy
Back at Place Guillaume II the produce market had disbanded leaving a clear view of the Hotel de Ville, the steps of which had been festooned with flats of flowers. I wonder how many had been christened by dogs. A man was pouring spirit out of a bottle on to an open flame near the metal workers - probably better than pouring it down his throat. 
This metal worker was demonstrating how to make a metal angel,
The Grund
The Grund
There were lots of people in the Christmas markets and things promised to become lively later on. We were tired and purchased a couple of items at a delicatessen and came back to the hotel.
The central area and the Grund are all well maintained and there is little litter.  The buildings are in good shape and there is evidently a lot of money spent on their upkeep. It is almost a place for show rather than living and working.
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