Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday 30 December - The Invalides and Passage Choiseul

Steam effects from the sauerkraut and rotisserie on rue de Levis
There was a cloudless sky today and the effects of the low winter sun were excellent. We went first to the Invalides where the sun was shining brightly on the dome. We were able to walk around to where the sun was shining to the grearest effect on the ornate golden dome. 
The Eiffel tower seen from the Invalides
The rue de Grenelle is always interesting with it's official buildings in the west and the small shops and boutiques in the east. We made a detour to look at the Basilica of St.Clothilde and found a very quiet area. 
Cloth independent
The magpies had a wonderful view from St. Clothilde
Rue de Grenelle
The St. Germain market was not very interesting so we quickly walked along the rue de la Seine to the river with its expansive views across to the Louvre. 
The Louvre
 There is a pedestrian foot bridge over the river to the Louvre. Couples have placed so many padlocks on the railings that a couple collapsed under the weight. The places to put locks has been significantly reduced but the touts were out in force selling padlocks as well as Eiffel towers.
Le jardin du Palais Royal
The passage Choiseul is one passage we have not visited previously.  It is long and the glass roof lets in plenty of light. It was lunch time and the small restaurants and take out counters were very busy indeed.
Passage Choiseul
Dinner was at Le Relais de Venise where Benoite served us. Paul had vacherin for dessert.

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