Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday 31 December - New Year's Eve

I went out to Barbes Rochechouart and was surprised to find a street market set out underneath the Metro bridges towards La Chapelle. It must have stretched 400 yards. I had wanted to get pictures of the approaches to the Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est but this was not possible because of the wire fencing and restricted views from the overbridges. I took a picture of the front of the Gare du Nord but this was even difficult because it is so vast.
Gare du Nord
The St. Quentin market was interesting and I found a large Wallace fountain inside this covered market. It did not look as if it had been used recently.
In the St. Quentin Market
With time to spare I came back to Villiers by bus - a lady got on carrying two scraggly Ostrich feathers.
We had our New Year's meal, as usual, at Aux Îles Marquises. We were greeted by Mme. Thiery as old friends. M. Thiery, the shef, came out to speak to us as well. The meal was up to the usual superior standard and the menu had been lightened a little. The scallops with black truffles (which I forgot to photograph) were a welcome variation as was the lobster soup, a broth with much lobster.
Consomme de homard with homard
Barbue (brill) with oysters
We started with a bottle of champagne, progressed to an excellent white Sancerre and then to a Saumur Champigny red. Madame accepted our reservation for next year although there is the possibility that they will have retired by then.

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