Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday 29 December - Errands

We were woken this morning by a symphony of sounds. The first movement was a prelude for doors, car doors and starter motors. The second movement was scored for garbage trucks and garbage bins. The minuet and trio was performed by the street sweeper where the dulcet tones of the broom acted as counterpoint to the tinkling streams running down the gutters on both sides of the street. The final movement was for angry car horn with car radio accompaniment terminating in a percussion finale of car doors. All very entertaining.

After yesterday's trekking around Paris Karen and Paul are in Basel today leaving us to get in some essential supplies such as wine, cheese and a baguette.

It was sunny today and not so cold as yesterday so we walked through Monceau Park to the Arc de Triomphe then around the Arc. This took some time as there are eleven roads leading into the Étoile. We returned via Place des Ternes.

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