Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday 23 November - Le Grand Colbert and Asteryx

We went to Le Grand Colbert for lunch and to make a reservation for Chrustmas Day. The jardins du Palais Royal were very pleasant in the warm sun and the fountain was still playing. 
The Jardins du Palais Royal are larger than they seem.  There was a pickup game of soccer taking place among the trees on each side
There are two Wallace foutains in the Jardins used by the kids playing soccer.
There is an interesting piece of artwork next door which is constructed of different sized columns. Today was ride your horse in downtown Paris day and the rue de Rivoli was blocked for some time while horsedrawn carriages and single riders crossed. The car horns signaled their displeasure.
Believe it or not this is a starter. All you can eat pickled herring and boiled potatoes
As usual Le Grand Colbert was excellent. Of course, Mary had the enormous pot of pickled herring followed by veal piccata. I started with a terrine and followed this with kidneys.
We had some time to spare to get to the new Asteryx movie at Place de Clichy. The window displays at Le Printemps and Les Galleries Lafayette were running and there were a fair number of visitors. The hot chestnut sellers were out in force placing their equipment where it would slow down the crowds for their pickpocket companions. The gold decorations on Le Printemps shone brilliantly in the low afternoon sun.
We then moved in through the confusing area of St. Georges where you need to consult a street map every half block to avoid becoming hopelessly lost. The Asteryx movie was good but a little difficult to understand. The kids loved it but the 3D glasses didn't seem to be very effective.

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