Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday 24 November - Errands

I had a number of things to do today while Mary went to the Pompidou Centre. At Saint Lazare I bought the tickets for a trip with Brian to Romorantin and Valençay on Friday. I have always had to do this with the help of an SNCF agent because it involves another railway (the Blanc a Argent).  Alice, the agent, came from Orleans, and couldn't have been more helpful. She managed to get the seniors' discount for part and it turns out that first class on the TGV from St. Pierre des Corps is cheaper than second class.
I visited the Gare de Lyon to reserve a table at Le Train Bleu because I like that station and because I wanted to ensure they were going to be open following their renovation.
A good lesson in how to behave on public transport. I wanted to board the no. 14 metro at Gare de Lyon. I was standing at the front door of the barrier with some 40 others. The train came in already very crowded but many wanted to get off. The crowd on the platform parted to let some 30 or 40 off then we all moved in. I didn't get a seat because those in first sat down to make room for the standees.  The whole procedure took 30 seconds or so. Contrast this to the DFs with backpacks who ride OC Transpo. They will stand looking at several empty seats while blocking the exit. On this trip I had an advantage by standing because I could look out of the front of this driverless train and silently call signals. I had to take a seat when one became available at Chatelet but the view was not so good.
The one disappointment of the day was to find the model railway shop on rue de RĂ©amur has closed.
On rue de Saussure I saw what looked like a one wheeled Segway. It had a small platform either side of the wheel and a small protrusion to be gripped by the knees - Solowheel. It was similar to the picture shown below.

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