Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday 25 November - Monceau and Square des Batignolles

From Today's Ottawa Citizen
Off to a slow start this morning so we left the apartment around lunch time. Paris isn't ready for Christmas yet. There are few decorations and there is a marked absence of heavily armed military with automatic weapons in the high traffic areas. LenĂ´tre had a good display of very expensive delicacies - chocolates were €115 per kilo and some of the pastries were beautiful.
Monceau parc had a good deal of color still, the green grass contrasted nicely with the yellows and browns of the leaves. Being lunchtime the school children were out playing in the park under strict supervision, each kid wore an identifying arm band.
Lunch time at Parc Monceau
We had lunch at a 1930s retro restaurant at Place des Ternes. The food was good (huitres, onion soupe gratinee/magret de canard/smoked salmon with choucrout) but the waiter politely padded the bill so we politely asked him to correct it.
The city road sweepers were out in force along the Boulevard des Courcelles. They were blowing the leaves into piles and up ladies skirts when they could get away with it.
Diva et Chocolats is my favorite boulangerie/patisserie
The Square des Batignolles is always pleasant although much smaller than Monceau. The plane trees have been badly hit by a fungus and several have had to be severely cut back. This is a great pity as one, at least, was planted there in 1840.
Signature Tree at Square des Batignolles

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