Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday 22 November - Paris - same old, same old

More coffee mugs. Hidden among the Christmas stuff in Monoprix were some nice coffee mugs of several different colours.  Guess Mary will have to find room for these when we get back home
 Although it has been a year since we were here it is gratifying to realize that what we really like about Parus has not changed. The large number of small businesses whether they be patissier, fromager, droguerie, charcutier, épicier etc. In each it is a delight to speak to the shop assistants. In Monoprix the middle aged lady cashier remarked that I was just along to carry the merchandise. While Mary was paying she gave me a delightful smile with a come-on wink. No wonder we like coming back.
We first went to the Batignoles organic market which is held Saturday mornings. As expected, the range and choice was exceptional. There were long line ups at certain stalls, obviously there are a lot of regulars. One man was selling black truffles, carefully weighing each one.
Even these old locomotives don't change. These 1960s vintage locomotives are being replaced by new multiple unit trains but there are still a few running around such as this one at Saint Lazare..
We found Aux Isles Marquises to be closed for lunch but later Madame confirmed our reservation for New Year's Eve over the phone. Lunch was at Le Miroir. Magret de Canard and cod, both very good.
We sauntered back to the apartment along rue des Abbesses, rue Lepic, Square de Clichy and rue des Dames. Nothing special to note except people were doing the things they have always done. Most restaurants had tables outside, many were tasting the Beaujolais Nouveau. No Christmas decorations yet. The rue des Dames hasn't been the same since a couple of years ago when an independent bookshop took over a place selling bric à brac - the shop window was filled by a bath with a woman lying in it with her wrists cut. There was lots of blood for a gruesome effect.
Maybe this should be captioned "Ride in Pieces"
I went through the Square des Batignoles late afternoon. The old ladies were sitting on the benches looking at the ducks while the men, and one woman, were playing pétanque or gambling.
I wandered along to the permanent Batignoles Covered Market to find some duck pâté en crout. The male server cut and wrapped my purchase but pointed to the lady clerk who took my money while making eye contact and giving me a ravishing smile. It is very satisfying to see the things we like are just the same.

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