Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday 21 November - Arrival in Paris

As usual, the worst part of the journey to Paris was OC Transpo #97 bus to the airport - crowded and so noisy the announcements were inaudible.
Air Canada got us to Paris via Toronto on the advertised.  The pilot was silent. We waited at the gate in Toronto for about 40 minutes beyond the departure time with no explanation whatsoever. They said the flying time was a little over 6 hours so I assume this was to ensure we didn't arrive before time.
Its a balmy day here with some sunny breaks. The grass is green and there are still some keaves on the trees.
The first order of business was lunch at the Bistrot D'Id, a local restaurant which always seems to be busy. Mary had scallops while I had magret de canard. Both were well cooked and well presented. However the Sancerre and Valençay red were both a bit rough, hardly surprising in this case.
We then had to get in supplies for our stay. Monoprix is being renovated so there is much less room. The fruit and vegetables are being sold on the street outside.
I bought a bottle of Oban scotch which is relatively cheap here. It is difficult to find at times in Ottawa.
It was also good to renew acquaintances with the lady with the infectious smile who runs Diva et Chocolats with her husband who is the patissier.  Just cutting into one  of her baguettes forestiere releases an amazing odour. You don't even have to taste it before enjoying it.

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