Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tuesday 29 April - Las Vegas Strip

We returned to Ballys on the monorail and tried to walk through to Paris. These places are all built like rabbit warrens and once inside management doesn't make it easy to get out.

We finally found our way into Paris which has a lot of stores based on Parisien themes, boulangeries, bistrots etc., even the streets were cobbled.  However, the casino area was modelled around the bottom portion of the Eiffel Tower and the vast sky was lit like an approaching storm. We both felt highly claustrophobic and needed to get out in a hurry.
These mango jalapeno margaritas were very strong indeed
We found a bar with with a view over the street, Cabo Wabo Cantina. The mango jalapeno margaritas were very good (and very strong) and we also ate there.  On the street there was a constant flow of people trying to sell something or get people to visit a casino etc. One man was dressed like a roman gladiator with a mask. He was well  muscled and quickly stripped down to a small thong. He went up to all the women and flashed a fan which read "for tips". There were several batchelorette groups of girls who liked this and many pictures were taken of them stuffing money down his thong. There were many other people roaming around dressed up - Darth Vader, Spiderman, Ironman etc. The street was crowded with flatbed advertising trucks just going up and down, They advertised shows and escort services.

 Bellagio was very well done with pleasant flower gardens, a butterfly house and some ornate glass flowers on the ceiling of the lobby. 
A painting of plants at the Bellagio which was relatively tasteful
Later on we looked at Caesars Palace and the volcano at Mirage. 
 Most impressive was the Grand Canal which contained a miniature St. Marks Square and  a canal with gondoliers. This was inside an overall roof which was well lit to produce a sky effect even when it is night outside.  Very different to Paris.
A bright scene even though it was dark outide
Las Vegas is over the top. Everywhere you go your senses are assaulted with loud music, bright lights and different scents and people trying you to spend money. There was open drinking on the street and the police must have many problems at night.
Our hotel lobby
Time to leave - one day is enough.

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