Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wednesday 30 April - Zion National Park

I think everyone in the group felt that one day in Las Vegas was enough - nobody seems to have gambled and several made the trip out of town yesterday to see the Hoover Dam.  We were all happy to meet our local guide, Montana, and our driver, Susan. Perhaps the best part of the Flamingo is the Habitat which is a mini bird sanctuary. The main draw is the flamingos but there were several types of duck, goose and swan, all in well manicured areas. We enjoyed watching a hummingbird which was trying ti get us away from its territory.
We quickly left the main part of Las Vegas but it took a long time to get out of the grotty outskirts.  We eventually found desert and made our way to Springdale. We checked in and had lunch at La Quinta hotel. The afternoon was spent in Zion National Park which is a  canyon with many amazing and  beautiful rock formations. The colors changed with the light and the  viewing position. We stopped several times on our run through to the other side of the park. At one point there is a tunnel in the sandstone which  contains several window openings in the sandstone. The bus had to be sent through specially because of its width. We turned around at the  checkerboard rock and returned to the hotel.  Words don't do it justice so enjoy the pictures.
We had a group dinner this evening.


Click on the image below to see these pictures in slide show format.

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