Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tuesday 29 April - Las Vegas Monorail

The monorail looked to be a good way to see Las Vegas as it is on a guideway set above ground level. A day ticket cost $12 but this is good value beakng in mind one ride costs $5. We went to the end of the line north then returned to the other end. The views are nothing special as the line runs a little way south of the strip and although it advertises access to the main casinos and attractions this is by the back way and may be used more by the staff. The frequent trains are comfortable but the cabins feel a little confined and there is no view forward or back even though the trains are driverless. The ride was quiet but the concrete guideway gave a rough feel.
This seems to be the only train which is not overall white.
At the south end terminus
The stations are unattractive and boring

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