Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday 3 September - Visiting with Colin Bishop at Skipton

We took the train from York to Leeds and changed for Skipton. There was mass confusion at York because the car letter was not marked. We had reservations in car C but went through car B and on to A before finding the right car. What an unnecessary cock up. After Leeds the country became interesting with dry stone walls, sheep, cattle, canals etc.

We met Colin as planned, he had driven over from his home near Carnforth. We walked a lot and chatted a lot. First order of business was coffee, then the street market. 
Dogs not included
Skipton is a pretty lively place. A market is held in the High Street four times a week and it was packed. We shared a very hot chili pork pie as an appetizer which destroyed my taste buds for at least half an hour.
Lunch was at an excellent Fish and Chip Restaurant. The jumbo haddock was truly jumbo and beautifully battered. I had chips and Mary had an excellent salad. 

The canal provided a good way to walk off lunch. The canal is well used and there were flotillas of ducks and a few swans. Duck food was being sold on the towpath and was much appreciated by the waterfowl.
There was time for a drink - Timothy Taylors Boltmaker was a strong bitter with a hint of molasses. I enjoyed it but prefer Timothy Taylors Landlord.
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We then made our way back to the station and caught a train earlier than intended. It allowed us to return from Leeds on the earlier Cross Country train to Dundee. I am sure this was better than waiting for the Northern train which would have been crowded and probably unmarked.

On the train from Skipton the most amazing old man sat opposite me from Bingley. He was short and well dressed with a green tweed three buttoned suit and waist coat. His cream shirt had an elaborate gold pattern with cuff links and a tie which matched his suit. The flat cloth cap also matched his suit and he carried a cane with a gold (or brass) handle. He squinted through thick bottle glass spectacles. A living example of the cat's pajamas. If this wasn't enough, every minute or so he would get out his upper plate with his tongue, wave it around at all and sundry and then re-insert it. A good reason why I find public transport so appealing.

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