Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday 4 September - York Minster and the Stinking Bishop

View of the Minster in the morning sun
After the last couple of days we decided to stay around town today. 
After a full English breakfast with Fullers London Pride at the Old White Swan we went to the Minster. We spent some time and did a tour. The Chapter House was very impressive but the whole building is looking well and the tour guide was enthusiastic about the work that is being done.
Ceiling of the east transept
The centre of the ceiling of the Chapter House
This stone carving was above the Dean's seat in the Chapter House. One way the workmen could poke fun at their masters.
The Treasurers House is a National Trust property close by. It was bequeathed to the nation in the 1930s as a going concern. There is an impressive Grand Hall and the house was worth a visit - our Canadian memberships gave us free admission.
There was a short pause at the Hole in the Wall where I sampled a very passable bitter from Mansfield.
This beautifully restored and painted stone carving was at Petergate, part of the University of York
We walked through the museum gardens and sat for a while on the river bank.There were a lot of noisy ducks washing in the river then they all came out and hunkered down along the footpath. A couple of fishermen had a number of bites and one landed a fish almost two feet long.
Walking back to the apartment I bought some Stinking Bishop cheese. This is reputed to be the smelliest cheese in Yorkshire. It wasn't very stinky, not compared to an Epoisse or a ripe Roquefort, but it had a good flavour and a very smooth creamy texture under the brown, crusty rind.

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