Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday 30 September - Appenzellerbahn and Horse Meat

 The weather has not been as good as earlier and we had a little rain in the afternoon. It was a good decision to go on the Brienze Rothorn yesterday. We took the double decker to St. Gallen via Winterthur and Will. The cats were out in full force prowling the fields. We also saw a couple of storks in the fields presumably searching for frogs.
Paul thinks that Switzerland looks like a one to one model railway. The colors of the grass are too vivid and regular. The buildings and trees are set down perfectly and there is no garbage or mess. Even the cattle look to be placed directly.
At St. Gallen we took the tram to Trogen which runs in the street in St. Gallen and on the side for most of the way. It climbs all the way and there were misty views over the Bodensee.
On the way back we were joined by an old man with an enormous bright purple shopping bag with wheels. In this bag was a battered tuba complete with a smiley face sticker. He walked with a stick and had a necklace with chicken feathers. He was hobbling to the gardware store to ge vsome Brasso for his tuba.
Back at St. Gallen we took the Appenzell train up the very steep grade (Riggenbach rack) to Gais. There was a bus for Appenzell but we waited for the train to Amstetten. Lunch was a couple of sausages. I also bought some Swiss whiskey made in the Appenzell area, not bad.  It is aged in beer barrels, is well rounded and has a sweet, smooth finish. 
Train for Amstetten at Gais with a bicycle car on the front
 The line to Amstetten drops into the Rhine valley on formidable gradients and the Strub rack is used. Quite an amazing descent. Our train had an open wagon for bicycles in front. There was a button like the coach door opening buttons to let the side down then wheel the bike in and secure it.
At Amstetten we had to get to the SSB station. The driver of the no. 800 city bus let us on with the Swiss pass and we were quickly at the station where the buses stop right adjacent to the platform.
The train to Rheineck was one of those funny ones with a short power section on each sides of which are hung trailers with one truck only. Rides smoothly enough.
At Rheineck the tram  to Waltzenhausen was on the platform - literally. There is only one tram which makes frequent trips the 2 km or so up the hill. A flock of sheep were in someone's front garden making short work of the dahlias and begonias.
There was a two minute wait at the top where a post bus made a connection.
Our final stop was at Will for the Frauenfeld Will railway. This has new trams with a red and white color scheme toned down from the earlier in your face scheme. The line runs through pleasant country and finishes up running through the middle of Frauenfeld to reach the station where it stands among the post buses.

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A pretty interesting day with many cats working their fields sometimes among cattle and even horses. We made 14 trips, train, tram and bus and each one ran precisely to time.
This evening Paul and I both had horsemeat steak. It was quite good, very tender but I am not sure I could tell the difference between horse and cow.
Horsemeat steak
Sitting at the table next to us was Foul Ole Ron. He had long hair in filthy ringlets. He probably had a beard but we couldn't see because of his long hair and he spent most of his time with his head in his hands. Every so often he would mumble "bugrig" in German, put his hand up and twirl his fingers. He had drunk a beer and knocked back some chocolate flavored creme with a glass of white wine. He didn't have a talking dog.

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