Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday 29 September - Brienze Rothorn and Innertkirchen

We decided to change the schedule today because the forecast is for rain later in the week. This morning we left early and changed at Luzern for Brienze. A quick dash to the Mountain railway station and we scored a couple of the last seats on the train to the summit. This is the only steam mountain line in Switzerland. I had a dog sitting between my legs. He was very good but became a little restless towards the end of the hour long trip. This is a very different ride than the Pilatus of yesterday. It climbs much higher first through wooded country and then mainly grass. The weather was wonderful and there were great views over Lake Brienze.


We spent about half an hour at the summit which is not so well appointed as Pilatus. Rough paths instead of pavement.

The trip down was in a pretty empty train. The steam engine was worked hard on the way up but had it easy on the way back. There was just one man on the engine, it being oil fired.
I loved the moss on the roof
At Brienze we watched the steamer arrive and its passengers transfer to the train and Post buses.
A quick ride to Meiringen and we transferred to the single electric car of the Innertkirchen railway. We got off at the station in the tunnel. The platform is about 6 feet long and when you get off two doors open to let you out. There is a small waiting area open to the sky where intending passengers can signal for the train to stop.
Aareschulcht Ost station. The platform is very short and the doors are only opened when a train is stopped there.
We crossed a suspension bridge over the Aare river and could look into the gorge. A stiff climb up many steps brought us to a snack bar which controlled entry to the walkway through the gorge. We paid 8.50 francs and started out. The walkway is well maintained and is placed almost entirely on the south wall of the gorge. The river is rushing below and at one place the gorge sides are about 3 feet apart.

At the west end we made our way out through a gift shop and just missed the train from the little station back to Meiringen. We had a beer at a restaurant and caught the next train which went in the other direction to Innertkirchen and then came right back to Meiringen. The entire line takes just about ten minutes with one man and one electric car.
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Direct trip back over the Brunig to Luzern with great views in the evening sun. The train to Zurich was a standard double decker, very comfortable.

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