Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday 15 August- Gaspe trip, Ottawa to Riviere du Loup

We were up very early this morning and Steve very kindly drove us to Westgate Shopping Centre.  Check in with our Travac Guide, Margueruite was quick, efficient and very friendly.  There was a detour to Rockland to change buses because of a washroom malfunction. Weather was grey and threatening with many showers.  Washroom stop at Hudson.
The weather seemed to improve as we moved east and we were treated to an impromptu tour of Quebec City. There are great views over the river and the Plains of Abraham were well manicured. There is practically no garbage as it is well policed by Parks Canada.
The railway bridge across the St. Lawrence is particularly impressive. It fell twice during construction.
Lunch in Levis was a disaster. We ordered half a chicken which turned out to be half a white bread chicken sandwich covered in a thick gravy which you could pick up with a fork. It quickly turned into a brown gelatinous mess. Very unappetizing and quite disgusting.
The ride along the south shore this afternoon was excellent
The clouds had lifted somewhat and part of the run was along the Route des Navigateurs with pleasant, well maintained, houses. We saw old ovens used to bake bread sold at the roadside and there were some weavings and model boats for sale. This was accompanied by Beethoven's 8th and 9th symphonies (Karajan).
We were given a good reception at the hotel in Riviere du Loup and had a good meal in the restaurant. 
There is a pleasant walk along the river with good views across to the north shore.

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