Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday 12 May - The Arboretum, Dows Lake and the Tulips

This weekend has seen the first good weather of the year and we decided to take the OTrain to Carleton and walk through the Arboretum to view the tulips on Dows Lake.  The long winter and late spring has put everything back by at least a week and many trees had not fully budded out.
There was just one solitary duck watching the tree climbing turtle.  Maybe the rest of the ducks were busy in their nests

Only  one or two trees were in bloom - we will need to go back in a couple of weeks.
The redwing blackbirds were looking for mates while the robins and swallows were feeding their young
The tulips were spectacular as usual but I have so many other pictures that I didn't bother to take many.
We walked into Chinatown and had a good dim sum at the Yangtze then walked home to the Byward Market.  Good exercise on a warm pleasant day.

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