Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday 2 January - Hunter Gatherers

Paul and Karen return to Canada tomorrow and we prepared dinner. There was a captured Époisse, called Horace, in the fridge that was let out into the kitchen where it percolated sullenly to itself. Some serano ham, carrots and red peppers crawled out and were sacrificed on the cutting board. A nicely roasted chicken was tracked down. Baked potatoes were persuaded to join in the fun along with some pate de canard en crout.  At Pascal Caffet, four macatartes were jumping up and down in their display case until Mary liberated them. A small galette du roi was tracked down at Diva et Chocolats along with a couple of baguettes traditions.

After this exhausting preparation Mary and I went for a short walk in the warm sun.  A circuit of Monceau Park with its plaque to the first parachute jump in October 1797, was followed by rue des Malsherbes to rue Jouffroy to Pont Cardinet and the Square des Batignolles.

Paul and Karen brought a bottle of  white Valais wine from Basel which turned out to be very good. We finished off a number of bottles of wine and cleared the fridge somewhat ready for our departure on Monday.

We had a small Galette du Roi and Karen won the feve

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