Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday 24 December - Christmas Eve

People were out early today doing last minute shopping. The number of baguettes purchased must be  enormous.
It was nice this morning, sunny and mild. After a last minute foray to Lenotre as well as Diva et Chocolats we walked down to the Square des Batignolles via the book store in the rue des Dames where we found the book Chats Parisiennes which has Roxanne on the cover. At Batignolles several little kids were floating sticks through the channel between the two water sections. Kids must have been doing this for almost 150 years. The free roundabout was going well. It stopped at one time when there were no new kids wanting to get on, everybody else sat tight and so it started up again. The kids were really packed in on some of the vehicles - there were eight in the fire truck.

Our Christmas Eve meal. All of this was purchased within five minutes' walk of the apartment.

Pate de foie gras and mousse forestière
Bisque de homard avec gambas sauvage
Ballotine de volaille with vegetables.
Fromage - Cammembert, Langres, Valençay
Le Nôtre, maron glacé (l), celebration (r)
Diva et Chocolats caramel (l), chocolate (r)
Champagne, Sancerre (white), Margaux (red)

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