Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday 4 December - New shoes and old locomotives

I found my street shoes had an unrepairable split in them so I had to go out first thing and buy some new ones. There is a shoe shop nearby so I was quickly able to become mobile again.
With time seemingly running out for the SNCF 170xx vintage (1965-1968) 25 kv electric locomotives I decided to take a ride out behind one to Pontoise. There were several in evidence on the line from Saint Lazare.  They were on push-pull trains with the locomotive at the Paris end. The train I took was a double decker set which included one of the refurbushed cars from the Versailles set decorated with items from  the chateau. Although there were frequent station stops 817061 managed a fair turn of speed when given its head.  Other locomotives of this class were working with the low single deck cars.
At Pontoise
I returned to Paris in one of the new comfortable trains that are replacing the 170xx locomotives. With wide vestibule corridor connections these trains are colorful, comfortable and quiet. Above all they can hold a very large crowd.
One of the new trains at Pontoise
The new trains have a very spacious interior
I walked across to the Gare de l'Est where I found a 17064 on carriage duties as well as diesel 72141 having just brought in a train from the Belfort direction.
Big diesel 72141 at Gare de l'Est
817064 on carriage duties at Gare de l'Est
The no. 30 bus brought me back home.

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