Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday 22 December - Trams

I decided to ride the T8 tramway again today to see the branch to Villetaneuse as well as the main line to Épinay in regular operation. I took first the branchline to Villetaneuse.  Nothing special of note although the section beyond the terminus has a sharp curve and goes to single track, presumably leading to the car maintenance and storage yards. I returned to the main line and rode out to Épinay and back to St. Denis Gare. Many of the traffic regulation problems seem to have been fixed although there were a number that still need attention, maybe the running time could be reduced by a minute or so. Some work has been done at stations although some signs had been placed at the wrong locations so that one station bore two names. A squad of inspectors was out to ensure people were tapping in.
St. Denis Gare is a great place to watch trams with T1 crossing T8, both double track. However there were a lot of people lounging around, deals going down etc. I was very careful where I went and took care getting out my camera. The trams on T1 are short and always crowded east of St. Denis. I decided to go west to Courtiles which is less busy. This section has been open some two years now and has a good interchange with the Metro.
T8 at Épinay
T1 at St. Denis Gare
T8 trams on the diamonds at St. Denis Gare

T8 tram for Courtilles approaching the diamonds at St. Denis Gare
T1 trams at Courtilles.
There was a piece on the TV3 news this evening about fare evasion on RER line B.  When the SNCF put on  a team of fare inspectors the ticket machine receipts go up 40%.  It would seem like a good idea to increase these inspectors considerably.  Jumping over turnstiles and dodging in after a paying customer is endemic in Paris.  It is particularly easy on the Metro because there is no exit check.

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