Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday 2 October - Zurich Trams

We decided to stay in Zurich today and see the city. Paul devised this way of seeing a large part of Zurich.
Uetlibergbahn Hauptbahnhof to Triemli (where we saw a field cat sitting on a post which was a good vantage point)
Uetlibergbahn Triemli to Uetlinberg
Uetlibergbahn Uetlinbergbahn to Selnau
Sihtahlbahn Selnau to Giesshubel
Sihtahlbahn Giesshubel to Saalsporte Halle
Tram 5 Saalsporte Halle to Kirche Fluntern
Trolleybus 33 Kirche Flutern to Klosbach
(Walk) Klosbach to Romerhof.
Dolderbahn  Romerhof to Bergstation
Dolderbahn Bergstation to Romerhof
Tram 15 Romerhof to Bucheggplatz
Tram 11 Bucheggplatz to Auzelg
Tram 12 Auzelg to Bahnhof Stettbach
Tram 7 Bahnhof Stettbach to Schwamendingerplatz
Tram 9 Schwamendingerplatz  to Werd
(Visit model shop)
(Fish and chips and Guinness)
Tram 9 Wiedikon to Patadeplarz
Tram 7 Paradeplatz to Wollishofen
Tram 7 Wollishofen to Paradeplatz
Tram 2 Paradeplatz to Bahnhof Tiefenbrunnen
Tram 2 Bahnhof Tiefenbrunnen to Farbhof
Trolleybus 31 Farbhof to Hauptbahnhofplatz
(Watch trains at the Hauptbahnhof)
After yesterday's rain this morning started cloudy and foggy but the sun was out by noon and it was hot in the afternoon.
Cat on a pole
Sihtahlbahn at Giesshubel

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