Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday 5 October - Blonay Chamby


We left early this morning on the train to Montreux. Although the forecast was for some rain, it was a beautiful morning although there had been some rain in places. We had some time to walk along the front at Montreux. Being Sunday morning there were few people around. There were swans and cormorants in the distance while tufted ducks were diving and mallards were sunning themselves on the rocks. A cat emerged from a shop called La Chatte, in front of the Post Office, and was immediately set upon by a couple of crows. They made a great noise and drove it away.
We caught the Golden Pass Express to Chamby. A man was making his dog sit for treats right next to a crossing. The dog was concerned about the train but was more interested in treats. At Chamby we had to get off in a very restricted space between two trains and wait for one train to leave before we could get on the platform. There were great views across the lake. The Sunday morning church bells were ringing to competition from the cow bells.
A beautifully printed Edmondson card ticket
We were the only ones on the platform but at the appointed time a well restored tram turned up and took us to the museum. We chose first to take the steam train to Blonay. The engine stopped on the viaduct to blow down the boiler which gave an opportunity for pictures. 
At Blonay there was a special ready to leave for children then the engine ran round and returned us to the museum via Chamby.
The museum has a number of well restored trams and similar equipment. 


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After looking around we took the museum train to Blonay and then the narrow gauge electric line to Vevey, changed to a local to Montreux and then a regional express to Martigny.
The weather stayed fine with hot sun and a heat haze.
The train towards Chamonix climbs up into a high steep sided valley. We could only go as far as the border on this train One curious feature of this line is that it uses both third rail and overhead wires for current supply. The driver told us there is no mystery to this, the railway installed overhead wires in parts some time ago but left some third rail sections to save money. The current and voltage are the same. There are some tunnels where there could be clearance problems with overhead wires so they left the third rail in place. 
We had in mind to go back one stop and take a funicular but it was closed so we came straight back to Martigny. There is a castle here and we explored it and some of the town centre. A zip line has been strung across the town from about the height of the castle. It is 1,123 metres long and 400 feet above the town in places. Installed for the foire this weekend it is claimed to be unique. Must be quite a trip.
We found a small back street restaurant and had a fondue with mushrooms picked that morning by the proprietor. They use just local cheese and a cheese from Fribourg.  With a bottle of the Valais (local) Gamay it was a very good meal.

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