Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday 25 September - Eltham College 1960 class reunion.

We had a great time together at the Skinners Arms on Judd Street near St. Pancras station, London. John Palmer, Colin Bishop, Peter Gregory, Clive Grenyer, Charles Smith, Mike Fulford, Dai Bamford, Dai Rhys-Tyler, John Bingham, Rob Carter, Derek Browne and  Colin Churcher. The lunch orders with discounts and beer kitty were ably managed by our treasurer, Dai Rhys-Tyler.  Regrets were received from Gethyn Timothy, Roy Bennett, Ian Cunningham,  Peter Holgate and Tony  Butwick. The pictures tell the story.
Charles Smith, Dai Rhys-Tyler, Clive Grenyer
Derek Browne, Dai Bamford, Mike Fulford, Peter Gregory
Derek Browne and Dai Bamford
Mike Fulford and John Bingham
Peter Gregory

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