Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday 11 September - York, the Holy Grail and Evensong

Just outside Marks and Spencer there was an old lady with a walker dressed in a bright scarlet dress. She had a long grey beard and bent down to say hello to a small girl who was passing - scared her half to death.
We had an easier day today in York. There were many school groups in the Museum Gardens.  It was another warm and sunny day and we walked along by the river Ouse. It was very peaceful and we saw mainly people walking their dogs. Just outside of town there is a very large field adjacent to the river but separated from it by a berm. It must be at least a mile in each direction. I assume this has something to do with flood protection.
We returned to the city and had lunch at the Star in the City. I was delighted to find a good bitter called Monty Python's Holy Grail.  Well balanced with a hint of toffee. The only bad thing about it is that this was their last  barrel. 
A product of the Black Sheep brewery of Masham.
The food was excellent. I started with traditional Yorkshire puddings and gravy while Mary had scallops. 
Three Yorkshire puddings with a tasty gravy
My main course was an excellent Beverley Duck while Mary had a mushroom omelet. A very satisfying meal.
This afternoon we went to the Jorvik Centre to use the tickets we had retained from our visit last November. Mary produced our ticket and the cashier asked for some identification with her signature on it. She produced her passport and we went in. Afterwards we realuzed i had signed the ticket.
We went to Evensong again this evening in the Minster. This was a special service for the new Bishop of Whitby to take his seat.  The singing by the all-male choir was excellent and the space is beautiful.

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