Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday 7 September - York, Merchant Adventurers Hall

Early morning view of the Minster from the city wall close to the station
It was sunny today although the wind cooled things down a bit.
We have only just noticed Lady Pecket's Yard which is right across the street. It is a delightful alley way which contains a coatwainer which is a craftsman who makes high quality shoes as opposed to a cobbler who repairs shoes.
The Coatwainer is on the left.
The Guildhall of the Company of Merchant Adventurers was open today at a cheap rate because there was an antiques fair in progress. The building is very old indeed and the great hall was impressive as was the chapel.
This stonework is above the entrance arch
The Great Hall was being used for an Antiques Fair
On the wall of the Great Hall
Stained glass window in the lower level
The Chapel
The outside is every much as impressive as the inside.
The Red Lion provided a very good dark mild and we were surprised that we were the only people in there.
The dark mild had a flavor of molasses
Lunch was a good carvery with roast beef, pork and Yorkshire pudding with lots of good vegetables.

The west side of the Minster is beautiful in the evening light

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