Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday 14 September - Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Gardens

It feels just like Sunday morning at home - as we made our way through the vomit and dried blood on the sidewalk. People come into York on Saturday evening to get drunk.  Some of the women look more formidable than the men.
Half of York was shut down today for some bike riding. Good day to get out of town. There is a once a week bus to Fountains Abbey on route 812. It was reasonably full by the time we arrived, mostly local people going further towards Grassington to hike in the Dales.
The National Trust visitor centre had everything we needed including a good restaurant.
We set out to walk down to the ruins of the abbey and were immediately struck by the large numbers (coveys) of pheasants. They were everywhere and did not seem bothered by us at all. There were a large number of rooks, (a parliament), flying around the tower.
The Studley Royal Water Gardens were very peaceful in the still, morning air. A few swans added a graceful feel to the place.
And called it macaroni

Partridges were everywhere

If a number of rooks is a parliament these must be MPs.
We walked in a circle around the ruins and gardens to come back to the visitor centre for lunch. The roast pork and Yorkshire pudding was good and a good Black Sheep bitter helped it down.
This afternoon we walked off lunch by exploring the ruins and walking down to the bottom lake. We came back along side the Deer Park but didn't see any deer.
St. Marys Church
Click here to see all pictures taken at Fountains Abbey
The one bus of the week arrived on time and brought back the same people it had taken out this morning.
The Olde Starre Inne is a new favourite because it has two New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs by the glass. I tried a Theakstons Old Peculiar which is a dark mild, well named. The Black Sheep brewery Riggwelter was quite good. It is a strong dark mild which is full of flavor of chestnut.

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