Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday 31 August - Bettys, pickled onions and more

We came back to the apartment this morning to find the paramedics attending to a young guy who had fallen over. There was blood all over the door step. 
Today we had Champagne Afternoon Tea at Bettys using a voucher Mary Burges so kindly gave us. Everything was splendid. The serving staff were all very good and the tea was excellent.
The room is decorated in the same manner as the Queen Mary, the owner travelled on the maiden voyage and was so impressed that he decided to fashion the room similarly.
After the champagne Mary had Bettys Afternoon Tea while I had the Darjeeling Afternoon Tea. There was a huge selection of teas. These were served with four different types of sandwich, I preferred the ham and mustard, then scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam. To finish off there were some excellent pastries.
I then went to the Railway Museum. Mallard is now sandwiched between two good engines, 2500 and 737.
Click here to see all pictures taken at the National Railway Museum
One the way back I spent a little time at the station talking to the Assistant Station Manager. Although she is not wearing safety shoes she may go on to the track in an emergency.
The Blue Bell served up a dark treackly beer called Dave. Not bad. It is brewed at Great Heck from rock treacle from the Great Heck treacle mine.

I found a jar of pickled onions and some Stilton at Marks and Spencers.  Nanna Churcher liked these. Trouble was she only had one tooth of her own and didn't like using her false teeth. She would take in a pickled onion and chase it round her gums for several minutes before she succeeded in spearing it.
It turned into a lovely evening and the light was particularly good on the Minster and many other buildings.

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