Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday 29 August - York

We slept reasonably well for the first night. The bedroom is at the back away from the street and is very quiet. There were a few conducted groups learning about the area but the are not around for long and are in the early evening.
The apartment is directly above the Art Shop
Another view of the Art Shop and the apartment above
A middle aged lady with large breasts and no bra came cycling past. At a critical point her left breast got out of control and over balanced her such that she had to stop and adjust her apparel.  Next time wear a bra. We did some errands and checked out the Friday Farmers Market which is just around the corner. I found a Yorkshire Pork Pie and a Battenburg Cake. 
Battenburg cake was a Marks and Spencer staple when I was young
I made some train reservations at the station and we dropped into the Blue Bell pub which is very close to the apartment. It is very small, filled with locals and only serves beer and a few snacks - no music, no games, no TV. 
This is inside the Smoke where you can get a beer through the low hatch.  there is very rarely room in the Public bar which is on the other side.
I had a Rooster dry hopped Yankee which was a strongly hopped bitter. I also tried a Bradfield Farmers Blonde from Sheffield, very smooth. There was a lot of chat in the bar and when I went up for my second beer I said:
"I'll take a pint of Farmers Blonde, please" to which the barmaid replied:
"I'll SELL you a pint of Farmers Blonde. I wouldn't even GIVE you the dirt under my fingernails."
Great atmosphere and we will certainly go back.
You don't have to go far to come across an unsalubrious canal area
It rained on and off later and we found ourselves back at the Blue Bell just before supper. This time the Timothy Taylors (Keithley) Landlord was excellent.
Timothy Taylors was a standard at the Three Fishes in Shrewsbury
Yorkshire Pork Pie with a lot of congealed fat on the top

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