Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday 6 May - Phoenix

Phoenix seems to be a no pedestrian zone. On the way to the restaurant last evening I counted 12 pedestrians during the 25 minute drive. It has the reputation of being the only city without a city center.
This morning we visited the desert gardens which are an amazing exhibit. The Chihuly glass exhibit was excellent and extremely colorful. I am not sure they were placed appropriately. The gardens demonstrate the desert environment and the glass exhibits could be more appropriately placed on one section leaving the rest as natural habitat. We saw a roadrunner and looked closely at a bird on its nest.


 It was getting hot at the gardens but started to cloud over and cooled off later  
Lunch was a lot of fun at the Rusty Spur saloon which was probably the only place in the old town with any life at all.. This was because of a party from Paris who were following Route 66 and who enjoyed the live music. They thought we were crazy to like Paris at Christmas until I explained we were from Canada. We also had a good discussion with a cycle race organizer from New Mexico and a lady from Idaho. Lunch was tamales and salad. The French party of about 15 left a 35¢ tip.

The old town is really just a tourist trap like Sedona.

Dinner was at Claim Jumper. A man was standing at the urinal texting - with both hands. Marilyn suggested it was a good job he wasn't taking a selfie.

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