Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monday 28 April - Ottawa to Las Vegas

The United Airlines schedule gave us two and a half hours layover in Chicago and we were looking forward to a Chicago deep dish pizza. However, United used up all of this time and more before we had left Ottawa. We received three boarding passes and new baggage tags and I don't know the actual number of the flight we were on. Chicago was a case of hurry up and wait but the end result was an arrival in Las Vegas about an hour late.
Straight away it was evident where we were. We had to make our way through a maze of slot machines with bright lights and neon signs while being assaulted with loud music. The baggage hall, at the end of a short tram ride, was enormous and surprisingly calm.
We were taken downtown to the Flamingo hotel and casino and went straight to bed as we had an early departure planned for tomorrow.

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